Web Designing

Design for the website the most significant new area of design practice of the last 20 years.Learning to work in a new medium is both exciting and challenging, and forces us to restate what design is. The fluidity this new area of activity presents may allow design to assume a more prominent role in business and society.

It is easy to be daunted by the challenge of this new medium. In fact, design for the web shares with other disciplines a view of design as a way of thinking , a service provided to a client for the benefit of others, an understanding of constraints, a series of problem solving methods and processes, and an activity whose success is, to some degree , measurable.

It also draws on skill from many of these other design disciplines, and some beyond it , building on a rich tradition of design of graphical user interface and interaction design.More than other designers, web designers also need to collaborate with people who have these skills.

While web design has much in common with the approach to other areas of design there are also some important difference. Many of the challenges of web design are about creating an effective interface between people and technology. At present this is focused on giving people access to task and presenting them with information that will allow them to achieve goals that are meaningful to them, and which have value to clients.

A web site is not a fixed entity and changes according to the device by which it is accessed. It may also change as a result of user interaction, and with the passing of time. It has dimensions not found in other areas of design, making it more difficult to envision and describe. While web design is often considered to be aesthetically unpleasing, the ‘beauty’ of the web is in its dynamism and interaction, both of which contribute to the users quality of experience.

Web designers also need to go beyond the implementation of there design solutions to explain and document them in a way they can be built on. The solution is secondary to this.